Why wont my Meetme account let me sign in?

Answer The best thing to do is to contact them. I found their email address for you, you can email them at:

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Can't log into my meetme account please help?

If it Says its Locked thats Why you Cant Login you Have to Wait til they unlock you


Dont worry... itll prolly be back in an hour or so..Its happening to alot of people (including me), but be patient and dont worry....Its not the first time its happened (:

How do you delete songs off your ipod theres a lock sign on the bottom that wont let you?

Answer You can't delete directly from your ipod, delete the songs of itunes and then sync your ipod. A pop up will come up telling you there are songs on your pod not on itunes click no or never

What if the father a minor wants to sign over his rights and not be involved at all but his mother wont let him?

Their must be an adopting parent to take the fathers place before rights can even be signed over. The mother must be willing to fill out paper work and obtain criminal back round checks, as well as... Read More »