Why won't my Ipod Touch charge?

Answer make sure everything is plugged in all the way. sometimes it might be frozen so maybe you should let it sit and completely die or call the apple store and find out some troubleshooting tips on how ... Read More »

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Help my ipod touch wont charge?

first of all did you turn on the computer?i have one and it didnt work also but i went to circuit city and asked them what was wrong with itand they said sometimes it happens and they traded it for... Read More »

Why wont your san francisco touch charge?

The cheapest android plan depends on your service provider. I think the cheapest plans right now have to be Sprint, in my opionion.

The ipod touch will not charge or respond to touch?

Why wont my ipod charge?

The problem is either stemming from the iPod Touch's 30-pin dock connector or the specific charger you're using (the latter could especially if you are using a third-party charger).I'd recommend tr... Read More »