Why won't my HDTV recognize my Xbox 360?

Answer First, don't buy Vizio products. I know people has had problems with it and their are a lot of customer complaints online. Second, if your Xbox 360 is hooked up via HDMI, set your input to HDMI 1, ... Read More »

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Why wont my motherboard recognize my RAM?

Either the ram is faulty or you've bought the wrong type.Did you check the Speed rating, The ECC level and the parity type?

Why wont my computer recognize my printer?

If you have a gateway computer and a H.P. printer they are incompatible.

My ps3 wont work on my non hdtv?

If it was used or on a HDTV before it needs to be reset to sd analog output, if it's on right now turn it off, now turn it back on, hold down the power button until you hear a 2nd beep, basically t... Read More »

I know its stupid, but I think I put a DVD in upside down in my G4 Powerbook. It wont recognize it. Help!?

Use a straightened PAPER CLIP and insert it in the tiny hole. Push lightly and the drive will begin to open. If your DVD is dirty, it might not READ, so if you see that the DVD was not upside dow... Read More »