Why won't dentist refill prescription?

Answer You just need to complete the full course of medications, even if the pain subsides. Also along with medications do warm saline rinses and eat liquid food. If hte pain is still there then you can v... Read More »

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Can I still get a refill for my prescription?

Most Pharmacists contact your Dr. if you don't have a refill on file.....

Baffled about prescription refill?

Tramadol isn't a scheduled drug so you shouldn't have a problem picking this up early. *If I were you, I would go to a different pharmacy.* They are either a) like you said being hardasses or b) fo... Read More »

Can a dentist write a prescription for tamiflu?

Not if they want to keep their license. There are guidelines they must follow. Any departure from that is inappropriate.

Toothache and wont be able to see a dentist till Thursday?