Why wont any videos play on chrome (mac)?

Answer Clear cache & cookies as well as junk files. You can use Ccleaner for mac to do these tasks easily.#Uninsuall current Chrome and download & install the latest one.#Slow internet can cause this too.

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Windows wont play ANY videos?

it sounds like clashing codecs or bad video driver. (since its accross all browsers) try updating the video driver first. then uninstall all codecs, & try installing CCCP codec only.on firefox try ... Read More »

Why wont videos play on my kindle fire hd?

Check your model of Kindle here, and see what video files are supported: you videos are in format that is not supported, you can either convert it to Kindle s... Read More »

Why wont my videos play on my Kodak software?

I had a similar problem with my nikon coolpix s550. very simple fix really... the card was originally formatted as FAT32. What i had to do is format it as ntfs then when i inserted it into the phon... Read More »

How can I fix IE 9 - it doesn't play sound anymore when playing videos; but Firefox and Chrome do?

FIRST check if you didn't mute IE9 by going to your sound icon in your toolbar and open its mixer and scroll over to the IE symbol and see if its on or muted.Reinstall the flash software for your i... Read More »