Why won't an insurance company pay for the full value on a car replacement?

Answer You've been in a wreck and your new car has been totaled. You expect your insurer to give you full replacement value for your car, but soon learn that your coverage offers nothing of that sort.Car ... Read More »

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Can an auto insurance policy be cancelled if the insurance company deposited payment in full?

Answer from a General Agent Yes they can. But they will have to refund any unearned premium to you. Each state has it's own regulations that determine how and when the Insurance Company can cancel ... Read More »

Why is it so expensive to purchase disability insurance for individuals who 's employer wont offer it through their company?

Answer Individual Policies are better. The employer can't cancel it. You can take it with you to a new job.

How do you sue insurance company for full benefit of disability?

If you qualify for a DI payment under the terms of the contract, you should not have to sue. You just should have to simply file a claim with the claims department.Unfortunately not all valid claim... Read More »

Which insurance company offers full coverage for my 1966 mustang?

There are a variety of insurance companies which provide coverage for classic vehicles. Two of the bigger ones are Hagerty and Classic Car Insurance. They offer a wide variety of coverages. Keep in... Read More »