Why won't sell old versions of Photoshop?

Answer Adobe will sell you an earlier release of their products if you need one (yes there is a way), but they don't really want to... The reason is because the older versions are generally not as good, ... Read More »

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How many versions of photoshop are there?

As of April, 2010, 20 versions of Photoshop exist. Photoshop CS5 was released on April 30, 2010 for both Mac and PC operating systems. Four of the earlier versions were only released on the Mac OS.... Read More »

I wont to sell my 2 gallon moonshine?

you could probably craigslist it for $200-400 bucks depending on how big it is and if its well made. I bought a nice homemade copper still from a local shiner guy and paid 200$ it was only a 10gal ... Read More »

The pt size on photoshop wont reduce the text size to 8pt. its way too big?

8pt is the default minimum size I Photoshop!! You can type size pt manually,try entering 2 or 3pt :)Or you can simply scale that text layer !!select that text layer and then Edit>Transform>Scale (o... Read More »

Why wont Windows Live Movie Maker wont speed up my video?

because your computer is not equipped to deal with editing the video from your camcorder. Just because it has issues in MovieMaker does not mean what you want to do will not work. Render/save as/ex... Read More »