Why won't FB let me block Mark Zuckerberg?

Answer Because in Flakebook land, Zuckerfuck is GOD. Still wanna hang there?

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How to Live Like Mark Zuckerberg?

He's worth at least 4 billion, he's young, he's the founder of the many tentacled Facebook. Despite all that, he's unassuming, under-glammed and down-to-earth in his ways. If you'd like to emulate ... Read More »

Is facebook Mark Zuckerberg a CIA Agent?

not sure but he was at the last Builderburg meeting, scares me.

What impact did Mark Zuckerberg have on the world today?

Think about it. He gave the world the ability to connect with each other. Get to keep in touch with family, friends, and people around the world. You can find lost family and friends. Meet new Love... Read More »

Did Mark Zuckerberg reveal the slightest hint of any time-frame of IPO for Facebook on CBS"60 Minutes" tonight?