Why wont DVDs i burn on Itunes play on My Player/ Xbox 360?

Answer well it has to be something besides data or audio format those won't work. not sure if itunes will even work with an xbox.

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My blu ray player wont play dvds?

Blu-Rays and DVDs use different lasers to read the discs. It may be a mechanical problem.

If I burn a cd with itunes will it play in any cd player?

How cani burn dvds in a format that my (cheap) dvd player will recognise and play?

You might just be burning it too fast, try at 1x or 2x, it will take more time but data on the DVD will be clearer and you cheap player might have an easier time reading it.

How can I burn movies on itunes onto a DVD to play in my DVD player?

First of all, I just want to say that the first post is incorrect. Is it legal to do this? No. Is it possible to do this? Yes. Can you buy movies from the iTunes Store and make them watchable on a ... Read More »