Why wont DVD's I burn play in other players?

Answer Make sure you burn in "DVD-video" format. (Avoid anything with -VR or +VR, Divx, avi, etc.)Make sure you finalize the discs.If that fails, try other brands of media.You don't specify the format you... Read More »

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Why wont DVDs that you record on your PC play in regular DVD players?

If you are using additional speakers then you may need to register them with your blu-ray player (you can do this from the blu-ray menu.)

Why wont DVDs i burn on Itunes play on My Player/ Xbox 360?

well it has to be something besides data or audio format those won't work. not sure if itunes will even work with an xbox.

Can normal dvds play on blu ray dvds players?

Can DVD players play HD DVDs?

HD DVDs can only be played on HD DVD players. Because HD DVDs use a different video format that cannot be read by traditional DVD players, HD DVDs are basically unusable unless you own an HD DVD pl... Read More »