How the world will be in 2100?

Answer Great, question. I wish I knew the answer to that. But, I will say this, if the people who are in this world, don't get it together, and stop hating and stop the violence. It won't be a world in... Read More »

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How will 3d printing change the world?

It will change the world by offering a new way of printing

Will there be another World War?

Yes. The worlds population is becoming too largefor such numbers to be supported. So, if there is not anotherworld plague to reduce the numbers, then we will have tohave a world war to do the tric... Read More »

Do you think Swine Flu will be so bad it ends the world?

Yes, you should bury your head in the stand.

Will Wikipedia take over the world one day?

smaheds is right, google is gonna kill us all!