Why will my hp photosmart printer not turn on?

Answer Check out this HP link for help

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My printer won't turn on! It's a HP Photosmart 8050.?

Your problem is very likely physical, nothing to do with the computer.If the printer is still under warranty, contact the Customer Service dept ( ont he HP website ), or the store you bought it fro... Read More »

Why won't my HP Photosmart C4100 series printer/scanner turn on and how can i fix it?

Hi KakoTheir is a button on the scanner itself which says "SCAN"That is what powers it on. HP are funny scanners but, very efficient.

Will HP Photosmart c4488 All-in-One Printer support Ubuntu 9.10?

Here is the Official Ubuntu HP All In One Documentation…Models known to work It would seem you should have no problems with the c4488 Read More »

I have a HP Photosmart C4780 and I have removed 1 of the 2 inks for the time being will it damage the printer?

No it will not damage the printer, I think that printer enters "single cartridge mode" and will only print with the cartridge that is installed, it may be a little slower to process the printing th... Read More »