Why will my dvd not read the dvd?

Answer IT could be scratched, There is a way to smooth it a bit...but you may not agree, use a little colgate toothpaste and rub it around a bit all around the disc. Make sure it's completly clean before ... Read More »

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Dvd vs blu ray. Will a blu ray player still read a scratched up dvd when it will no longer play on DVD player?

Probably not. Blu-ray players have 2 lasers, 1 for DVDs/CDs and 1 for BDs. So there's nothing really different about playing a DVD in a BDP.

Ok please read this: will you?

If it's not a re-writeable CD (CD-RW) you can't erase it. CD-Rs (the more common write once variety) are so cheap...why would you want to? Just use the old one as a coaster and start fresh with a n... Read More »

B&B...Did you read that Oliver will be?

1. Please tell me he is NOT bringing Hope with him.2. Yes Heather Tom announced on her Twitter that her real life son Zane would be playing the part of Will as of April 17th. He looks just like her... Read More »

Will the PS3 read music folders?

Yes. The PlayStation3 can play back the following music file formats: * Memory Stick Audio Format (ATRAC)* MP3 (MPEG-1/2 Audio Layer3 and MP3 Surround)* MP4 (MPEG-4 AAC)* WAVE (Linear PCM) * WMA fi... Read More »