Why will Pottermore not let me change my password?

Answer Its a sign that you need to get a loife?

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How do I change the root password for Unix after password has expired?

Log into the Unix ServerLog into the Unix server normally and verify your password has expired. If your password has expired, a message will appear in the Unix session stating your password has exp... Read More »

To open Macro document asks me a password though not protected with password by me. what is that password?

Either someone has password protected that file or whole drive like a flash or jump drive ...if that file is not password protected by you the you must open that file on the computer that made it... Read More »

How to change password?

Hmm thats a tough one since you have zero information. You click on change password, enter new password hit enter .. voila - you changed the password

How do I change an ICQ password?

Click on the "Main" icon inside your ICQ program. Click on the "Preferences & Security" menu tab. Click on the "Security" tab and then on "Password." Enter your current password in the "Type Your C... Read More »