Why will DTV be better than normal TV?

Answer it will be more high deffinition and all the channels will get reseption

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Are apple headphones better than normal ones?

Yes, I am pretty sure they do. If it's because you don't want you or another guy to look weird with them, don't worry. You could start a new trend!! =) (if it isn't one already)

Is environmentally friendly cleaners cheaper/better than normal?

Most of the ones in the supermarket are more expensive. I use things like Soda Crystals, Bicarbonate of Soda, White Vinegar etc which are better for the environment and much less costly than brand ... Read More »

Marijuana is proving to be better medicine than my prescription. Normal?

Totally normal. Marijuana gives a better balance between pain relief and still remaining coherent. With rx'es I was always so f'ed up it wasnt funny, but I would still be in pain. I still have p... Read More »

Could having more energy than normal and being hungrier than normal one week after possible ovulation mean you are pregnant?

Answer This is very possible. In the early stages of pregnancy, your body's metabolism increases, thus providing more energy. Progesterone can soon kick in and act as a natural sedative, draining ... Read More »