Why white american women have body odor - is it related to their diet, spicy food?

Answer It's called Personal Hygiene. all body odour is controllable by regular washing / bathing, and the use of deodorants.It is not limited to any ethnic group.

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Why american don't like spicy food?

It depends on what we were raised on. My father is East Indian, so I was raised eating curry. We also love Mexican and Italian spices. My best friend, on the other hand, is a mac and cheese kind of... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Body Odor for Women?

Women who suffer from body odor may find themselves avoiding social situations and intimacy out of embarrassment. If you have body odor, you may not be practicing proper personal hygiene. Fortunate... Read More »

What does the American Heart Association say as to how much fat women should have in their diet?

The American Heart Association advocates a heart-healthy diet including between 25- and 35-percent fat. Saturated fats, found in oils, should make up no more than seven percent of dietary calories.... Read More »

Are white women falling behind chinese women because of the white women's weight gain?

Yes, white women need to step up their game. Chinese women are beautiful