Why when your about to cry do you feel a lump in your throat?

Answer I want to know why to =]

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What is that lump in your throat when you're about to cry?

To put it in short, it is your glottis (part of throat that can widen or contract to allow more or less air through your throat) expanding. So when you try to swallow, it wants to close so that you... Read More »

Why do i feel like i have a lump in my throat when i drink lemonade?

Lemonade is acidic. Fruits with high acid levels like lemons and limes burn the inside of your throat and stomach lining. Dont get me wrong lemons and limes are very good for you, but should not be... Read More »

Why does it feel like your throat closes up when you cry?

I'm not exactly answering your question, but when this happens, I have to try hard to force myself to breathe slowly and calmly. Because if I don't, I begin to hyperventilate (breathing really fast... Read More »

Why do you get the feeling of a lump in your throat before you cry?

Your sinuses are reacting, and it is a result of a build up of mucous and fluid in your sinus cavity, and causes what is called post-nasal drip, and it collects in the back of your throat, creating... Read More »