Why when i watch a DVD on my player the sound is either very loud or very quiet?

Answer no problems,it depend on the volume of recording.

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When i play the tv into my home theatre system the sound is not very loud?

You did not give us much information. What gear do you have? How have you connected the TV to your home theater system? Is your home theater system a crappy $299 box system with left/right analog... Read More »

How to Be Very Quiet when You Stay up All Night?

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My ML- 2851ND is making a very loud grinding noise when it prints?

Here is the support site, they will be able to help you,…Here is the eMail address,… Read More »

Agree or Disagree: Anime Is very very VERY!!! addictive and hard to resist watching?

yesyou also wanted to know if I'm a girl or guy?Im a guyAnime that I've seen:Bleach (favorite)Death Note (other favorite)Pokemon (seen every season).HackDevil May Cry: 666Full Metal AlchemistDragon... Read More »