Why when i want to send mms on my iPhone 3gs i get an red explaination mark?

Answer you need to text mms to 1010 and it will be enabled

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How do you send audio files on your iPhone when mms is turned on but the message fails to send?

Updating iTunes overwrites all previous versions but music, apps and other data doesn't get changed.

If I send Apple my iPhone 3GS when the new iPhone comes out, will they send me an iPhone 4?

Phones are made with a built in obsolescence. They want you buying a new phone. Why on earth would they give you a new phone? They would much rather you buy one.

How do you enter check mark on iPhone?

I wish there was a way. Apple designed it to show timestamps on 15 minute intervals.

I have really low blood pressure, explaination please?

Have to agree with some of the others. As long as you're not passing out after getting up too quick or on your feet too long, a low BP is not bad. The only time a low BP is problematic is if there ... Read More »