Why when i turn on my pc it starts beeping?

Answer Those are called Bios beep codes... look them up depending on what kind of beep it is will tell you exactly what the problem is.

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it could be several problems main 3 to start with are spark air fuelmost likely your fuel lines or filter could have build up or pressure lossalso a bad wire to starter or your air filter could nee... Read More »

Why is my toshiba laptop beeping when I start it?

you probably need a new Keyboard here's a link for price and instructions:…Best of luck!

How to Troubleshoot a Beeping Noise When My PC Is Started?

The beeping noise a dead computer makes when powered on is a simple code that indicates what is keeping the computer from booting. The key to determining what is wrong is to count how many beeps ar... Read More »

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You should wait and never assume anything while driving....