How do I stop having to press the function key when I want to press F1-12?

Answer Well you can't.The "F" keys are multifunction keys. They will perform different actions depending on what other key, like the FN key, is pressed in conjunction with it.They each already perform a t... Read More »

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Why do I have to "press F1 to continue" when I start my computer - Windows XP ?

The 'Press F1 to continue" message is a result of an error caused as the BIOS does its hardware checks during the boot process.The BIOS boot process (bootstrap) preceeds the loading of the operatin... Read More »

I have slight pain in my left lower abdomen, its only when i press on it or strain it. Is that appendicitis?

It's unlikely to be appendicitis unless you have a congenital anomaly of your organ positioning, but there are several possibilities as serious as appendicitis, such as diverticulitis or renal ston... Read More »

Do I have a major problem with my computer. When I press the start button, quite often it will not fire up.?

Hi Sweetie, First if the CMOS battery were dieing you would notice via your CLOCK and DATE down at the bottom right hand corner, they would ALWAYS be slow, or incorrect everytime you started up you... Read More »

What should you do if you have insects in your home especially around the window that are so small when you press your finger on one it just looks like a gray smudge?

Get Rid of Tiny Bugs Call the exterminator. To get rid of them yourself, you can use "Hot Shot" bug bomb spray cans. It is great stuff, very effective. Follow directions on the can.