Why were wine cellars created?

Answer For nearly as long as human beings have been producing wine, they have been storing it in cellars. There are a number of reasons that wine is often stored in cellars, the most important being that ... Read More »

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Who invented wine cellars?

Archeologists have found evidence of both wine making and storage by early Sumerians in western Iran around 5,400 B.C. While it is not known whether they stored their wine in underground rooms, the... Read More »

Who makes Barefoot Cellars wine?

Barefoot Cellars wine is a partnership between Michael Houlihan and E. & J. Gallo Winery. All Barefoot Cellars wines are made by head winemaker Jennifer Wall, who has been with the company since 1... Read More »

SHIRAZ is a city in Iran, and also a name of a kind of wine. I think this wine was first created in Shiraz ?

Wine was pressed in Shiraz over a thousand years before wine grapes were brought to Australia...I vote for Shiraz, Iran as where the varietal came from...

How do i cook with salt cellars?

Although salt cellars go by several different names, such as salt dips or salt dishes, they all serve the same purpose--to hold salt. Cellars are used by several celebrity chefs, including Rachel R... Read More »