Why were troops sent to Bosnia?

Answer From 1991 to 1995, nearly a quarter of a million Bosnians were killed, while an additional 2 million--half the population--became refugees as a result of the War in Bosnia and Herzegovina.Early Ame... Read More »

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Why do you have expensive troops in japan Germany bosnia Taiwan Korea the UK France and iceland?

Where is Bosnia located on the globe?

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country in southeastern Europe, in an area known as the Balkans. It is bordered by Croatia to the north and west, Serbia to the east and Montenegro to the southeast. The... Read More »

Which js the best season to visit bosnia?

G'day Thank you for your question.Most seasons are good except for the midsummer and midwinter extremes. However, it has good winter sports with Sarajevo hosting the winter games in 1984,Regards

What are some arguments for keeping US troops in Iraq and for the redeployment of US troops from Iraq?

AnswerMany of the religious extremists want the whole world to become Islamic and if we don't want it, they are willing to kill themselves in an effort to destroy any non-believers. That's us.If we... Read More »