Why were there kings and queens in medieval times?

Answer Kings and queens existed before medieval times, and may have been called chieftains, emperors or empresses. In medieval Europe, kings and queens provided protection from foreign invaders, leading t... Read More »

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What did kings eat in medieval times?

Royalty in medieval times consumed wheat as grain in their bread—a luxury not available to the masses. Basics like salt and meat were also expensive and largely reserved for the rich, who enjoyed... Read More »

Queens & Kings in the Bible?

The pages of the Bible are filled with characters of royal blood. Some of these Biblical figures play positive roles and are even considered the beginnings of Jesus' bloodline, while others are not... Read More »

Queens & Kings Lesson Ideas?

History is full of intriguing stories of kings, queens and far-off kingdoms. They are the stories fairy tales are made of. Children learning real stories about historical kings and queens will appr... Read More »

How to Deal With Drama Queens or Kings?

Everyone has a drama king or queen in their lives. Here are a few rules of thumb to get yourself out of their manipulative traps. I'm talking more about the extreme cases of emotional abuse, rather... Read More »