Why were there kings and queens in medieval times?

Answer Kings and queens existed before medieval times, and may have been called chieftains, emperors or empresses. In medieval Europe, kings and queens provided protection from foreign invaders, leading t... Read More »

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What did kings eat in medieval times?

Royalty in medieval times consumed wheat as grain in their bread—a luxury not available to the masses. Basics like salt and meat were also expensive and largely reserved for the rich, who enjoyed... Read More »

How many Crusades were there in medieval times?

There were nine Crusades during the Middle Ages. The First Crusade lasted from 1096 to 1099, and the Second Crusade occurred from 1147 to 1149. The Third Crusade took place from 1189 to 1192. The F... Read More »

Who were the Kings and Queens of England from 1700 to 1800?

William III ruled England until his death in 1702. Queen Anne succeeded him to the throne and ruled until her death in 1714. With her death, the reign of the Stuarts ended. The Hanoverian line star... Read More »

Who were the Turks in medieval times?

In the medieval era, the Turks were the leaders of the Ottoman Empire, which originated around 1300 C.E. and ended in the twentieth century. They were one of the most powerful and influential moder... Read More »