Why were the red coats called lobsters?

Answer During the American Revolution, many Americans tauntingly called British soldiers "lobsters." This is because they wore red coats as army uniforms. The American army, in many cases, did not have un... Read More »

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Differences Between Barn Coats & Field Coats?

Both the barn coat and the military-style field jacket are warm and comfortable. Both are commonly worn during cool weather and in cold climates. Both are hard-working garments that require little ... Read More »

What was the 90's scifi TV show about aliens trying to take over earth there were genetically grown humans called tanks who were build as soldiers?

You were on the sally show with butch Reynolds called vicious rumors and you just want to find out how you can find the episode you were on?

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Why in 300 were they called the immortals?

ImmortalesThe ancient Persian Immortals were a band of warriors 10,000 strong and were personal bodyguard to the king himself (in 300's case, Xerxes I). They were know as Immortals, not only becau... Read More »