Why were tessellations created?

Answer Tessellations were created to decorate mosques, churches and other ancient architecture. Not only were tessellations used for ornamental purposes, these mosaic designs expressed views of religion, ... Read More »

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How many marines were there when they were first created?

What were ''homelands'' For what reason did the South African government say it created homelands. Why do you think it created homelands?

Many black families were forced to move to poor rural areas that were called Homeland. African government says it created homelands to stay separate with white and there were few jobs or resources ... Read More »

Why were the Muppets created?

Originally, there was one character, Kermit. The name derives from a son of Theodore Roosevelt! originally, he was not a true frog but was billed as a Frog-Like Creature- - later- when the Muppets ... Read More »

Why were bagpipes created?

Bagpipes have been used over the centuries to accompany religious ceremonies, provide entertainment and, most notably, to inspire during battle. Their use during war is more of an adaptation, rathe... Read More »