Why were tcp ip protocols developed?

Answer TCP/IP was the first set of Internet transfer protocols successfully to manage both transport and network layer functionality of the OSI model in ARPAnet. Before TCP/IP, there was the TCP network p... Read More »

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What are protocols?

Protocols can be many things. With so many different meanings, ranging from politics to Internet communications, it becomes important to know the context in which the word is being used.HistoryThe ... Read More »

Top ER Protocols?

Emergency room protocols are generally based on patients' conditions when they appear at the ER. In cases of mass injuries, such as a bus accident, explosion, multi-car pileup or other serious even... Read More »

What are TCP/IP protocols?

In the 1960s, when the U.S. first funded the research projects to build robust computer networks, no one imagined the implications that would ensue. Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol ... Read More »

TTL Protocols?

When information is sent across the Internet it is sent as an IP packet. The Time-to-Live protocol helps to manage these IP packets and removes the ones from the Internet router that have been in t... Read More »