Why were missions established in California?

Answer The 21 California missions were established by Spanish missionaries of the Catholic Church's Franciscan order from 1769 to 1823. The purpose was to establish outposts of the Spanish empire in Calif... Read More »

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How many california missions are there?

There are 21 California missions. The first one founded was Mission San Diego de Alcala, established in 1769. Mission San Luis Rey was the final mission founded, in 1798. They are now a part of the... Read More »

Why were California missions started?

The Spanish built the missions in what is now California between 1769 and 1823. The Spanish had a system of missions in place in other colonial territories, including Lower (Baja) California, now p... Read More »

When did the California missions start and end?

According to the California State Parks Department, the first of the 21 state missions, the San Diego de Alcala, began on July 16, 1769. The last mission, San Francisco Solano, was founded on July ... Read More »

Who lived in the California missions?

The California Missions were originally built to house Spanish missionaries. The king of Spain sent the missionaries to California to teach the Catholic religion to the local Native American popula... Read More »