Why were hybrid cars designed?

Answer Many consumers who purchase a hybrid car might be dismayed by speed limitations, but they are likely enamored with the fuel efficiency. As explained in Curtis Darrel Anderson and Judy Anderson's bo... Read More »

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Why were cars designed to go over the speeding limit?

Well, think about it from a logical point of view. The speed limit HERE is not the speed limit THERE, so HOW is the car to KNOW? The car is made for NO LIMIT, like the Autobahn in Germany where the... Read More »

When were hybrid cars first discovered?

Although the idea for hybrid cars was, in all likelihood, discovered by a Jesuit priest in the 17th century, the first to file a patent for a "petrol-hybrid vehicle" was in 1905 by H. Piper, an Ame... Read More »

What year were hybrid cars invented?

German engineer Ferdinand Porsche built the first hybrid vehicle sometime around 1900. Generated by batteries and converted into a four-wheel drive, the hybrid's speeds could reach up to 40 miles p... Read More »

How do hybrid cars compare to cars with standard engines?

While there is no question at this point that hybrid cars can offer better fuel economy in city driving, the long-term benefits and environmental impact of hybrid cars versus equivalent gas engine... Read More »