Why were glow sticks invented?

Answer Glow sticks, also known as light sticks, were invented by the United States Navy for special operations forces who operated behind enemy lines. Glow sticks have also been used by divers in muddy wa... Read More »

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When were glow sticks invented?

Glow sticks were invented in the early 1960s by a chemist named Edwin A. Chandross, who worked for Bell Labs in New Jersey. He invented them to explain chemiluminescence, or chemicals that produce ... Read More »

How to Make Glow Sticks Glow Again?

Do you have a glow stick that does not glow any more? Check out this article!

What makes glow sticks glow ?

Glow sticks glow when a chemical reaction occurs between the solutions oxalate and anthracene. When the liquids are combined, shaking the glow stick will produce a chemical reaction and a glow thro... Read More »

How do glow sticks glow?

Glow sticks are a popular type of Halloween and party toy that emit a faint glowing light for several hours when cracked. Glow sticks emit light through a chemical reaction that produces chemical l... Read More »