Why we crave for fatty food when we are depress or anxious?

Answer First off, not everybody does. Some people lose their appetite when they are stressed out, and so they lose weight via not eating enough.However, a lot of people do increase their calories, especia... Read More »

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What food do you crave?

What food do u crave the most... O-O ?

When I'm hangover I usually crave a lot of foods, mostly foods below me vPizza O.o Big Mac, McChicken, Junior Chicken, Egg McMuffins.. I forgot what else, I know I crave a lot on strawberry banana ... Read More »

Who knows some good vegetarian food that settles the crave for meat?

When I'm craving meat I get some Primal Strips jerky. I never liked beef jerky (because it was too tough) but Primal strips are perfect!I also go for Gardenburger Ribs!If I feel like chicken I get... Read More »

What tea is good to calm you down when you're nervous & anxious?

Others have already given a lot of good advice, but I have a few more ideas to offer. I run a tea site and have researched this topic quite a bit, so I'll link you to some pages that have citation... Read More »