Why water evaporates very slowly in a fridge?

Answer Answer because the reason water evaporates is because it is heated up and is turned into a gas, the fridge is cold so it will go slower.

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Why water evaporates very slowly in a fridge.write down 2 reasons?

Answer why water evaporates very slowly in a fridge?write down 2 reasons? Answer condensation and freezing

What amount of water evaporates from the sea daily?

Each day, approximately 1,164 cubic km of water evaporate from the oceans or sea, according to information provided by Mad Sci Network. Over land, approximately 195 cubic km of water evaporate from... Read More »

What is the name for a small hole in a leaf through which water evaporates?

Water evaporates from cell openings in plant leaves called stomata or stomates. Singularly, they are called stoma. Oxygen and carbon dioxide is exchanged with the atmosphere through the stomata as ... Read More »

How does the size of a container affect the rate at which water evaporates?

Water evaporation is a constant part of life on earth. Evaporation is the process in which water turns from a liquid to a gas, usually indicating "a state change below the boiling point of water."A... Read More »