Why water come out from my eyes when I see people eating animal?

Answer No matter you are a boy or girl, you are exceptionally, and absolutely normal. I’m a child psychologist. Nothing wrong abstaining meat, concentrate more on your study, and do not worry about what... Read More »

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Do people with narrow eyes see the world narrower than people with wider eyes.?

i dont think so... i am oriental but i dont think my mindset is narrower than anybody...i understand and consider so many things in life but i get to chose in things i deem only acceptable to my st... Read More »

Can people with brown eyes see better than people with blue eyes?

The color of the eye has nothing to do with your vision. It's the actual shape of the eye that affects the vision.

Attention people with blue or green eyes: Are your eyes sensitive to light?

My eyes are blue/grey and yes, I love overcast days only because I don't have to squint as much! The only thing that I have found is wearing sun glasses when ever I am out. I believe we are more ... Read More »

Whenever I read or go on computers my eyes to water I get sore eyes and I get bad headaches?

Best will be to go for a full eye examination. This can be anything from Astigmatism to convergence insufficiency or just normal farsightedness.All of the above mentioned conditions puts strain on ... Read More »