Why was"Athletic Shorts"a banned book?

Answer "Athletic Shorts" is a collection of six short stories by Chris Crutcher. Most relevant to young adults, the book has been challenged and banned in both classrooms and libraries because of its cont... Read More »

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Why is the outsiders a banned book?

For as long as books have been written, there has been content that some people feel deserving of banishment. One such book, "The Outsiders," has been banned from reading lists for some time now, d... Read More »

What was the first banned book in America?

William Pynchon was the author of the first banned book in America. His theological treatise, "The Meritorious Price of our Redemption, Iustification, &c.," was banned in 1650 shortly after it was ... Read More »

Why was the book"Of Mice and Men"banned?

John Steinbeck, winner of the Nobel Prize for literature in 1962, wrote about the Great Depression, a time of hopelessness in America. The migrant workers who are the protagonists in "Of Mice and M... Read More »

Why was the book"Little Black Sambo"banned?

Although book banning is ordinarily a social movement and not a legal one, the backlash that comes out against a book can stop its production for a number of years. The book "Little Black Sambo" wa... Read More »