Why was this blurred on tv?

Answer Probably she had some obscene tatoos.

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A blurred photograph is?

Blurring can be the result of camera movement during the exposure, or may be due to the lens not being positioned for correct focus.

I got hit in the eye and now my vision is blurred?

If it does not feel better in the morning then try putting a cool wet rag on it for a long time if it doesn't feel better then you might want to see a doctor just to check on it

Blurred Vision and Dry Eyes?

My right eye had similar problem but not due to any conjunctivitis suddenly happened. it was always looking red and eye sight became blur. My doctor tested and told inside the eye every th... Read More »

Why blurred sound in head phone?

Alexander Graham Bell worked on devices that would help kids and adults who had severe hearing loss. One of his devices was a single headphone that could effectively deliver loud sound to a deaf pe... Read More »