Why was the teddy bear named after ted roosevelt?

Answer A teddy bear is a plush stuffed animal in the shape of a bear that has been popular with children all over the world since the beginning of the 20th century. According to the Teddy Bear Museum, the... Read More »

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Elementary School Teddy Bear Roosevelt Activities?

Those adorable stuffed animals that adorn every child's crib got their start with the U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt. An avid outdoorsman, he'd gone out on a bear hunt that had been unsuccessful... Read More »

Who is the Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans named after?

The Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans was named after President Theodore Roosevelt in 1923. This was the third name change for the hotel, which was previously called The Fairmont and was named The Gru... Read More »

How to Look After Your Teddy Bear?

Looking after a teddy bear is a lot of work, but just remember, he/she will like it and will feel loved!

How to Look After a Sick Teddy Bear?

If you're someone who is into playing teddy bears, what do you do when your teddy bear feels ill? Play-nurse your bear back to full health!