Can I get sent to jail for unpaid debt?

Answer On One Hand: Most of the Time, No.Most unpaid debts are pursued by creditors through the civil court system--which does not carry the possibility of jail time. Creditors or debt collectors who clai... Read More »

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There's a chance you could go to Jail, this isn't good. ):

Can someone be sent to jail for defaulting on the student loan?

No. Debtor's prison in the United States was outlawed in about 1833. Now - you can still go to jail for things that are related to refusing to pay your debts, like, for example, if you are convicte... Read More »

Can you relinguish your rights while being behind in child support in order not to be sent to jail?

Answer No. A termination of parental rights petition will not be accepted by the court until all arrearages have been paid.Additionally, TPR petitions are not a means for a parent to be relieved of... Read More »

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