Why was the first remote?

Answer you need to bring the remote and the car to a GM dealership and have them do it. its like 50 for the remote and 50 for them to program it

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All about the first remote Control.?

Who made the first universal remote?

I had the first remote control vcr,and I bought in 1981.It had cost around $1200+ dollars that my grandad said that I would be carrying it on my back trying to sell it for food whenever times got t... Read More »

Who invented the first universal remote?

Steve Wozkiak (the other Steve who founded Apple computers) had another company in 1987 called CL 9, and they brought the first universal remote control to market.

Who created the first remote controlled car?

An Italian company named Elettronica Giocattoli produced the first electric and truly remote-control cars in 1966. The first model was a 1:12 scale replica of the Ferrari 250LM. Two years later, th... Read More »