Why was the first camera made?

Answer It depends on what you would call a 'camera'. The word 'camera' comes from the Latin 'camera obscura' meaning 'dark room'. In the renaissance, Italian painters were using camera obscuras to help t... Read More »

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Who made the first portable camera?

Johann Zahn built the first portable camera in 1685. The technology at that time only allowed the camera to project the image of an external object onto a surface of paper or glass; the camera cou... Read More »

Who made the first speed camera?

Maurice Gatsonides, a famous rally driver who won the Monte Carlo rally in 1953, made the first speed camera under his Dutch company, Gatsometer BV. As the inventor of the first automated road-rule... Read More »

Who made the first 35mm camera?

Jens Pouls Andersen built the first 35 mm camera in 1905 in Denmark. The camera consisted of only 4 aperture speeds; f5, f8, f10 and f15. It had only one shutter speed of 1/100 seconds. The body of... Read More »

Who made the first pinhole camera?

Writings on the theory behind pinhole cameras date at as far back as Aristotle and Euclid's in the 4th century BC. However, the first pinhole camera that took a photograph wasn't created until 1850... Read More »