Is invader zim the best show ever?

Answer Yes, YES IT IS! *maniacal laughter* Sincerely, a surely crazed ZIM fan PS: VICTORY, VICTORY FOR ZIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Not when was the the show created but what was the year in Invader zim Was it in the future or something?

Invader Zim was set in the future , or an alternate future , because some of the inventions of Professor Membrane have not been invented in our present day and time .

Did the show you Survived The Japanese Game Show get canceled?

I believe it was a syndicated show, so that means several stations have a license to air it, and whoever the American broadcast station that aired was, canceled it. It might still be shown in some ... Read More »

I am making an Invader Zim video for YouTube and I was wondering where to go to find clips from the show?

Is the mr men show CANCELED?

no the people who make it are stupid and ran out of ideas for a while.