Why was the Pyramid of the Sun constructed?

Answer Pyramids hold a certain fascination for many people because of the numerous mysteries surrounding them. This holds true for the Pyramid of the Sun, located in Teotihuacan, near Mexico City. One of ... Read More »

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How Are Safes Constructed?

Wooden safes go back at least a thousand years, according to the Office Museum; metal safes were commonly used in offices by the late 1800s. Today, safes are used to protect money, jewelry, importa... Read More »

How Is a Steel Toe Constructed?

A steel toe in boots or shoes is constructed by first heating and shaping the reinforced steel cap on a toe mold and cutting it to size. The shoe manufacturer then inserts the steel cap between the... Read More »

How are electromagnets constructed?

Electromagnets consist primarily of coiled electrical wire. They function like regular magnets; the only difference is that an electromagnet works only when electricity flows through the wire coil.... Read More »

How are dice constructed?

Early dice were hand-carved from bone or ivory, and that process remained largely unchanged until the 20th century. Industrialization brought more efficient means of manufacturing dice.PlasticPlast... Read More »