Why was my meal served in a hub cap!!?

Answer Did you eat at a place called Pete's Garage..????I used to love that place !!!Especially the quarter beer on Tuesdays !!!!

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What's the worst meal you've been served at someone's house as a vegetarian?

Sausage lasagne. Apparently I should be able to just "pick the meat out..."

What are some good 2000 calorie 6 meal a day plan meal plans?

a healthful diet such as one low in calories or low in fat no longer means dull, tasteless eating. Nor does it mean complicated meal planning. Technology today, in the highly competitive food marke... Read More »

Which would you rather eat A delicious home cooked meal or a 5 star restaurant meal?

that is a loaded question, would love to take my girlfriend out to dinner any time she wants, and then at times make and have dinner together at our home sitting by the fireplace listing to some ni... Read More »

Some medicines ask you to "take with meal". Does that mean taking it in the middle of meal or after?

It means you can't take it in an empty stomach, I used to work in the hospital and when it was prescribed as such we gave the patients a small snack if it wasn't time for a large meal just to keep ... Read More »