LAST QUESTION: Should this be my last question or should I ask my boss for some overtime?

Answer yeah, keep pissing and moaning, little p*ussy... I can't help you with that decision, you have to make it yourself, but if you think we will miss your mental regurgitations, you are suffering delus... Read More »

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Why Has My Doctor Ignored Me?

might be the law you have to come in and see the doctor first

How to Ignore and Be Ignored?

Sometimes you just want to be left alone. Some people make you wish you could be invisible--whether it is the nosy woman behind you in the check out line, an ex, your mother, or the creepy guy who ... Read More »

Why is daddy always ignored here?

Dear BDIH,Fathers are not entirely ignored here. Myself and several of the other regulars here are also big supporters of Father's Rights. I think Fathers often get the short end of the stick, not ... Read More »

My boyfriend says i ignored him at my family reunion?