Why was my facebook account disabled?

Answer Same thing happened to me my account got disabled for no reason. I sent an e-mail to facebook or something and they gave me my account back in a few days (3 days):D

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What is the best thing to say to get my disabled facebook account back it has been disabled for around 3 year?

If it Happen 3 years ago your Not Getting it Back Usually When you Get Disabled your Finished You Probably Were Breaking the Rules And Thats What happens Facebook the Majority of The Time When they... Read More »

Why did Facebook disabled my account?

you must of got hacked or you yourself had done something bad in your account.

My facebook account has been disabled...?

WHAT?! I was wondering why I was down one friend on Facebook - you are the catalyst to my diminishing popularity!I joke. I just tried to search for you then, and it's saying we're no longer friende... Read More »

My friend's facebook account is disabled. help?

she's breaking the rules by creating more than one account, and facebook is disabling her accounts because of it