Why was marquis de lafayette important?

Answer The Marquis de Lafayette was only 20 when he arrived in the American colonies in 1777, but the young noble served on the staff of Gen. George Washington and helped ensure that French and American t... Read More »

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When did Marquis de Lafayette die?

Marquis de Lafayette, a general in the American Revolutionary War whose full name was Marie Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier, was born on September 6, 1757, in Auvergne, France. He died on M... Read More »

Who was Marquis de Lafayette?

A wealthy Frenchman, Marquis de Lafayette is famous for his assistance to the colonial army during the American Revolutionary War.BirthThe birth date of Marquis de Lafayette was September 6, 1757. ... Read More »

What did Marquis de Lafayette do in the war?

Marquis de Lafayette was a French aristocrat who played a vital role in the American Revolution. Lafayette served under George Washington as a general in the Continental Army. He led American force... Read More »

What did Marquis de Lafayette do in the American Revolutionary War?

The Marquis de Lafayette, a French nobleman, is known as a hero in the United States because of his willingness to fight on the Americans' behalf during the Revolutionary War.Joining the American R... Read More »