Why was leif ericson chosen to sail to america?

Answer Leif Ericson was a son of the famous Viking, Eric the Red. Leif set sail to explore new lands in the year 1000, eventually finding what is now known as America.Try, Try AgainOne of the primary reas... Read More »

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When did Leif Ericson sail to North America?

Leif Ericson, a Norse explorer, was the first European to land on the mainland of North America. According to "Saga of the Greenlanders," he sighted America as early as 986 but never landed. The "S... Read More »

What country did leif ericson sail for?

Leif Ericson sailed for the country of Norway. He is believed to have landed in North America 500 years before Christopher Columbus, making Ericson the first European to actually land there.Referen... Read More »

In what year did Leif Ericson set sail?

In 985, Leif Ericson sailed from Iceland to Greenland with his father, Eric the Red. In 1000, he sailed to Norway. That same year, he sailed west and landed in a place he called Vinland, now known ... Read More »

When did Leif Ericson find America?

Leif Ericson discovered America in approximately the year 1000. Ericson originally named the land Woodland, but he changed the name to Vineland because of the amount of grapes found on the land.Ref... Read More »