Why was it translated into 20 languages?

Answer Numerous people throughout the world, who have benefitted from living out the message taught of St. Josemaria, requested that the video be translated into their own languages so that they could sha... Read More »

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What languages can be translated?

Currently, Google offers translations between the following languages: Arabic Bulgarian Chinese (Simplified) Chinese (Traditional) Croatian Czech Danish Dutch Finnish French German Greek Hindi Ital... Read More »

Who translated the niv?

The Bible was translated to the NIV, or New International Version, by over 100 Bible scholars of different denominational backgrounds. The project was guided by the Committee on Bible Translation. ... Read More »

What language is this and can it be translated?

Oh my god...its so weird that I happened to click this and it was my language...I had a feeling....The language is "Albanian"...It is an Indo-European language and it is one of the first languages ... Read More »

Who translated the Rosetta stone?

The Rosetta stone contains the same ancient text carved in three different languages: Egyptian hieroglyphics, Egyptian Demotic and Greek. According to Windows to the Universe, physicist Thomas Youn... Read More »