Why was disco so successful?

Answer Well, the first reason that popped into my head was "drugs," but I don't think that was the reason. After all, the 60s were wrought with drug use and the music that came out of that decade wasn't... Read More »

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What song was playing when Disco Stu was dancing in Disco heaven during the simpsons episode praiseland?

How to Copy Successful People and Become Successful?

The most effective methods of becoming successful in whatever it is you want to achieve, is to copy those who are already successful in your eyes. Success is subjective because its definition is di... Read More »

How to Disco?

Haven't you ever wondered what it would be like to disco until morning? Here's your chance! Just keep reading:

Where is the Disco in you?

omg this is funny. where is kasia? we know a disco. i am sure it's in her somewhere lol great question! :)