Why was art deco furniture special?

Answer Art deco furniture was special because it was unique to the style of the 1920's through the 1940's, when the international art design movement that originated in Paris in 1925 became popular within... Read More »

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Is a 'Foot' a special device for finding furniture in the dark?

very funny!Obviously, Yahoo thought the decorating section needed a good chuckle:-)

How to Make a Deco Den?

Are you into Kawaii? Are you looking for something new to create? Then keep reading this article where you can learn how to make a Deco Den!

Where Can I Buy Deco Den Supplies?

I know of some very sweet, fairly priced deco websites! They all have international shipping, but I'm not sure how long it will take to arrive to London. I'm guessing it won't take so long.•DEKO ... Read More »

Uses for Deco Tape?

Deco tape is essentially tape with a design on the non-adhesive side. Deco tape is a younger, more free spirited version of decorative tape. While decorative tape usually has sophisticated pattern... Read More »