Who was the youngest female executed in the US?

Answer The youngest female to be executed in the U.S. was native American Hannah Ocuish who publicly hanged in Connecticut on December 20, 1786, for the murder of another child. She was just 12 years and... Read More »

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How to Live Like Socrates?

Socrates is considered the first major western philosopher along with his pupil Plato.[1] Socrates lived a simple life in Athens, and after being both a stonemason and soldier, he became a philosop... Read More »

Was Socrates Correct.. .....?

As said, it was Archimedes that shouted "EUREKA" and I have to admit that your question has a very profound logic. However, even today when we find something that we lost we still say "evrika " or ... Read More »

When this algorithm is executed with input = 5, what would be the output please help!?

I wrote the following code to answer the question: n = 3, the answer is 3When n = 4, the answer is 5When n = 5, the answer is 8When n = 6, the answer is 13I think yo... Read More »

How to Write an Introduction to an Essay on Socrates?

An introduction to an essay is used to outline the content in the rest of the work. It also serves to draw the reader in, making him want to continue reading. An essay introduction can be written i... Read More »